Watch Panic 911 Season 1 Episode 1 - I Need You to Put the Gun Down

Free Streaming Video Panic 911 Season 1 Episode 1 (Full Video) Panic 911 Season 1 Episode 1 - I Need You to Put the Gun Down
Summary: A&E’s new thriller series “Panic 9-1-1” takes 911 calls to a whole new level never seen or heard before on television. Unlike emergency shows of the past, viewers will live inside the calls and experience every harrowing and terrifying moment along with the caller. Every second is real. One part thriller and one part true-crime show, “Panic 9-1-1” features the real, urgent, unrehearsed, 911 call audio in real-time between emergency dispatchers and frantic callers as life and death situations unfold around them. Each call is a race against time where the dispatcher is the caller’s only lifeline, gathering critical information from the caller to give to first responders. When literally every second counts, getting the right details is crucial. Who lives and who dies remains a mystery until the very end.
Episode 1:
A single mother is threatened by an intruder in the opener of this docudrama series, which features reenactments of emergency calls. Also: A gunman opens fire in an Illinois sporting-goods store; a grandmother contemplates the use of deadly force in Oklahoma.

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