Watch Royal Pains Season 4 Episode 15 & Episode 16 - Off-Season Greetings

Free Streaming Video Royal Pains Season 4 Episode 15 & Episode 16 (Full Video) Royal Pains Season 4 Episode 15 & Episode 16 -  Off-Season Greetings
Summary: For the first time in its four seasons, ROYAL PAINS takes a look at the Hamptons in the winter, several months after the events of the explosive summer finale. With the Hamptons decked out for the holidays, Dr. Hank Lawson (Feuerstein) continues to treat his patients in very unexpected ways, but Hank's biggest challenge will be facing his own medical issues. In this special presentation of ROYAL PAINS, secrets from the past are revealed in a series of flashbacks in which fans learn the back-story of the Lawson brothers - Hank and Evan - prior to their move out east, before HankMed was ever conceived. When we first met Hank in season one, he had been fired from his job as an ER doctor, his fiancée had left him and he was alone and depressed before a weekend in the Hamptons changed his life. We'll meet Hank's first love (guest star Emma Caulfield) and learn how Hank's past romances and his relationship with Evan made him the man he is today. The episode will also mark the return of Jill Casey (Jill Flint), who left the Hamptons at the beginning of season four to follow her dream of working in a clinic in Africa. As the wedding approaches, Evan and Hank head to Las Vegas for some bachelor party fun, while Paige and Divya (Reshma Shetty) travel out of town for her bachelorette party. Through circumstances beyond their control, both parties end up in Las Vegas where surprises abound and someone takes a big gamble on the future. And with a snowstorm descending on the Hamptons, Paige rapidly finds her dream wedding turning into a nightmare. Conclusion. Preparations for Evan and Paige's wedding hit several snags when a blizzard is forecast, the bachelor and bachelorette parties both unexpectedly end up in Las Vegas, and the groom's cousin arrives in town with shocking information. Meanwhile, Hank's health suffers; Divya makes a surprising choice; and a figure from the past surfaces memories for Hank and Evan.

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